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  • Do you have passion of cooking?

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    • Sadia’s Kitchen bring orders
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How Does Sadia’s Kitchen Work?

Its first online kitchen in Pakistan

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    Signup with us and send us small description, high resolution pictures, detail of ingredients and your desired selling price, We publish it on our website, Now be ready to start taking orders as Sadia’s Kitchen Chef.

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    Start Cooking

    People are tired of eating at the same restaurants. There are lots of people eager for home cooked food. Sadia’s Kitchen fills this gap and allows them to order home cooked food. These orders are delivered to you directly.

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    Food Delivery

    Call Agents track & confirm all orders with Sadia’s Kitchen Chefs. Delivery guy arrives at your doorstep within the estimated cooking time, So you don’t have to worry about pickup and delivery. (Food must be packed in Microwave – safe boxes)

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    Get Paid

    Food is ready, packed, and picked-up for delivery. You immediately get paid what you asked for, when you registered with us. No credit period, no following-up for payments.

How Is Sadia’s Kitchen Different?

  • We are not

    • A regular food delivery service which picks up food from restaurants.
    • Not a co-operative organization run by the government, a charity or privately.
    • For women only Men can cook some delicious dishes too.
    • For educated people or people with formal education from a cooking school, everyone can be a good cook
    • Here to kill the restaurant business.

  • We are

    • An opportunity for people who cook great food to showcase their talent & get rewarded
    • An opportunity for people who want to work from home & do what they love.
    • A group of people who cook great food, Taking orders & delivering in parts of Karachi, Will start in other cities too.
    • Creating a food menu like never before, where food cooked is of the people (their regional dishes), by the people (from those regions) & for the people of Pakistan